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Stroke/Brain Attack

Stroke Prevention + Food = Healthy Human Being.

Are you looking for both stroke prevention + food? By not only eating healthy, but seeing what foods will help prevent strokes, you are on your way.

Stroke prevention + food fit hand in hand. Eating foods that are high in fat, high in cholesterol and high in salt can increase your risk of stroke.

For stroke prevention + food, it is suggested that you avoid excess fat. Saturated fat and cholesterol in particular may contribute to atherosclerosis, which is associated with stroke. Limiting the fat or oil added in cooking can reduce dietary fat and cholesterol. There are many stroke prevention factors you can control with regards to stroke prevention.

Food and stroke prevention information
Food and stroke prevention information

When it comes to stroke prevention + food, almonds are a healthy choice. They contain vitamin E, magnesium, fibre, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and phytochemicals. Research has shown that almonds can help fight diabetes and obesity, and may lower cholesterol and help block the absorption of fat and carbohydrates.

For stroke prevention + food such as dark chocolate can help. Modest consumption of a dark chocolate bar might reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

For stroke prevention + food, fruit is always an excellent choice. Both red and purple grapes are two great selections. Wine and juice also carry many health benefits. Since they reduce stroke risk by lowering cholesterol and reducing thrombocyte “stickiness,” which can lead to blood clots. Bananas are another excellent choice. Recent studies have shown that low potassium may increase your chances of suffering from a stroke. Bananas are filled with potassium.

There are numerous selections for you out there when it comes to stroke prevention + food, but the important part about it is to know what is healthy for you and what will prevent stroke.


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