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High Blood Pressure

Hypertension in children is becoming more frequent

Proper medical attention and a healthy lifestyle can impact the development of hypertension in children

Hypertension in children is on the rise with the increasing number of pre-adolescent children suffering from issues such as obesity. In fact, in a typical class of 30 students, it is likely that one child in that class will suffer from this condition.

Early discovery of hypertension in children make intervening strategies possible, in the hopes of eliminating risk factors for more serious health issues such as heart attack and stroke.

White coat hypertension
Hypertension in Children

With the growing awareness of hypertension, more diagnoses are being made in children and adolescents with heart and blood vessels being overworked. Hypertension in children can be caused by a high sodium intake, kidney problems and obesity.

A factor that is considered in the diagnosis of hypertension in children is ranging emotional levels, which can affect the blood pressure of an individual. As optimal levels of blood pressure do not exist for children as they do for adults, the levels of hypertension in children are considered in relation to their body weight, height, gender and other physical features.

Early realization of factors leading to high blood pressure or of alternative causes of hypertension in children can impact the medical future of the child being considered.

Hypertension in children may result from high levels of caffeine and saturated fats, as well as diets that are high in sodium.

The best way to manage hypertension in children is through medical attention and lifestyle changes, which can in the long run reduce the likelihood of high blood pressure later in the child's life.


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