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Stroke/Brain Attack

Stroke Prevention Measures

Reducing the risk of stroke is dependent on lifestyle factors

The prevention of stroke in individuals is achievable based on a multitude of factors. Factors related to family history, age and gender cannot be changed, but there are many lifestyle choices that can be regulated, which can drastically decrease the risk of stroke.

Factors that can be controlled in the prevention of stroke include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, physical activity levels, and stress levels.

Prevention of a stroke
Prevention of a stroke

Managing high blood pressure is a key factor in the prevention of stroke. Lifestyle choices such as activity levels and a balanced diet can often aid in the reduction of high blood pressure, as well as lowering alcohol use and eliminating tobacco products.

Prevention of stroke includes achieving normal cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels are a leading cause of heart disease and stroke, and can be reduced by reduction of fat in your diet, eliminating smoking, and increasing physical activity.

The prevention of stroke is linked to overall health. For those with diabetes, the prevention of stroke is achieved through controlling blood sugar levels, as well as healthy eating, and physical activity.

Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for developing stroke. For prevention of stroke the regulation of alcohol intake is important. Limiting drinking to a maximum of two drinks per day can greatly affect the individual health of the individual.

Smoking is a risk factor that greatly affects the risk for stroke and heart disease as it contributes to the blockages of the arteries, and also affects blood pressure. Eliminating smoking completely can reduce the risk of stroke in half.

A healthy and active lifestyle and a balanced diet greatly contribute to the prevention of stroke.


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