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Stroke/Brain Attack

Stroke Symptoms – what you need to know

There are five symptoms of stroke to be aware of.

There are five warning signs of the onset of a stroke. These stroke symptoms include physical weakness, difficulty speaking, vision problems, headache, and dizziness.

The feeling of physical weakness reflects the lack control of the body. This first of five stroke symptoms is important to pay attention to.

Stroke symptoms
Stroke symptoms

Also, another important marker is the feeling of numbness that can occur in the face, arm or leg may be temporary but is crucial to notice as a warning sign. These warning signs can occur during a mild stroke or a massive stroke.

The second of the most common stroke symptoms is difficulty speaking. Any change in the ability to speak or convey messages may be a sign of an oncoming stroke. Any difficulty understanding, comprehending or relaying messages may be a warning sign.

Another one of the stroke symptoms is a change in vision. A sudden change in your ability to see or any impairment to your vision may be an indicator that something is wrong and should not be ignored.

An important thing to remember when considering these stroke symptoms is that their presence or effect may be temporary, but it is still important to consider them in regard to what they may be telling you about your health, or increased likelihood of a stroke.

The last of the five tell-tale warning stroke symptoms is the feeling of dizziness. Any change in your body’s sense of balance may be an indicator of the onset of a stroke, and especially when combined with any of the other stroke symptoms, serious consideration to these signs should be given.

If you or someone around you is feeling any of these stroke symptoms, seek care urgently. The sooner the realization of these signs & symptoms of stroke, the sooner they can be addressed and treated.


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