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Stroke/Brain Attack

Type of strokes and their treatments

Treatment is given as soon as possible depending on what type of stroke was experienced.

Stroke treatments vary based on the type of stroke. The two main types of strokes are the mild stroke and the massive stroke. A stroke can be caused by a blood clot (ischemic) or bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic). Prior to starting stroke treatment, the doctor will determine which type of stroke occurred using a CT (Computed Tomography) scan and prescribe a stroke treatment accordingly. As the most amount of damage occurs in the first few hours of a stroke, prompt stroke treatment can minimize brain damage, improve survival and reduce the risk factors for strokes.

Type of strokes and their treatments
Type of strokes and their treatments

Ischemic stroke treatment involves taking a clot-dissolving medicine that can help increase recovery and chances of survival. Called t-PA, it can be given within three hours of the start of stroke symptoms. Aspirin can also be given within 24 hours of treatment, but not in combination with t-PA. It can be given in combination with an anti-platelet medicine. Anticoagulants are also given to help prevent another stroke. Statins may also be prescribed to lower cholesterol.

Hemorrhagic stroke is the bleeding into the brain or in the area around the brain. This is caused by disorders that affect the blood vessels (high blood pressure, aneurysm). Bleeding needs to be controlled, vital signs must be stabilized and pressure in the brain needs to be reduced. There are few medications that treat a hemorrhagic stroke.

As part of stroke treatment, starting a rehabilitation program as soon as possible can help recover some of the abilities that may have been lost (speech, sight, muscle control etc).

After suffering a stroke and your condition is stabilized, it becomes crucial to control risk factors for stroke. This includes controlling high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol as part of stroke treatment.


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